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May 28, 2024 5:30 PM

How Cloud Native Computing is Changing Product Management in 2024

We'll be diving into the world of cloud native computing and how this technology is changing product management. This session will bring product managers and leaders insights into how to use cloud technology effectively, focusing on practical strategies for fostering innovation and improving operational efficiency.

Our Speakers
Mark Farmer
Senior Director Product, Apply Digital
Jungho Kim
Principal Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft

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Building and Scaling A Product Operations Practice

Speakers: Hugh Theodore, May Wong, Stacey Feero

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Product Leader / CEO Dynamics: How to Build Great Executive Relationships and Make the Jump to CEO

Speakers: Carlo Chiarello, Carrie Lysenko, Aneta Filiciak

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The AI Double Feature: Building AI Products and Product Management Using AI

Speakers: Adam Haines, Sam Kawsarani, Nahla Salem

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Climbing The Product Leadership Ladder: Going from Senior PM to CPO

Speakers: Ann Tebo, Puneet Mulchandani, Jenya Farris

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Brass Tacks: Honing Product Management Finances

Speakers: Amber Foucault, Daniel Shapiro

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Seasonal SaaS: Riding the Wave of Seasonality

Speakers: Cameron Moore, Blanca Champetier

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Building Diverse Teams that Address Your Whole Market

Speakers: Care Fader, Francis Nwakire, Seema Lakhani

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The Impact of AI on Product Management

Speakers: Sully Dawood, Özge Yeloğlu, Karl Martin, Patricia Thaine

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Breaking into Product: Landing that Crucial First Role

Speakers: Mihnea Galeteanu, Jane Helman, Ben McPhee

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Solving Problems Beautifully and Practically with Human Centered Design

Speakers: Anita Ghosh, Eran Ben-Ari, Tedde Van Gelderen

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Into the Woods: Charting a Product Career Intentionally, Not by Happenstance

Speaker: Matt LeMay

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Placing bets in uncertain times

Speaker: John Cutler

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What Makes a Product Successful? A Successful Product Strategy

Speaker: Moe Ali

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The Whole Solution - Product, Services & Kibbitzing

Speaker: Jake Hite

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Building your infinite game and learning to fail gracefully in pursuit of excellence

Speaker: Nitin T Bhat

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Product Operations - Time to Get on the Train!

Speaker: Christine Itwaru

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What is your current shape? A PMs guide to grow themselves and their team

Speaker: Ravi Mehta

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The Roadmap to Your Career

Speaker: Heidi Ram

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