Online: The Product Management Challenges for AI and Data Science

  • 26 Jan 2021
  • 5:45 PM - 7:00 PM
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This was an online event. The recording is available on Youtube 

You can download the presentation here: Top AI challenges for PMs_TPMA.pdf

Companies that understand how to apply AI will win their respective markets over the next decade. However, delivering on this promise and managing AI and Data products is much harder than most people anticipate. Many organizations hire teams of PhDs and data scientists, then fail to ship products that move business metrics. The root cause is often the lack of PM experience and practical knowledge of bridging between business needs and technically oriented data science and AI personnel. 

Wren Ludlow from the Oracle Eloqua team will share some specific challenges  Product Leaders face when managing AI-based products.

Wren Ludlow (Oracle)

Wren is a Principal Product Manager for Oracle Eloqua, responsible for email creation, personalization, and emerging AI capabilities. Professionally he is passionate about building intelligent, game-changing products. He has extensive experience in marketing cloud, data visualization, and B2B cloud products with expertise in product management, product strategy, software development, and go-to-market. When Wren isn’t helping marketers create amazing experiences he enjoys adding to his growing book collection and spending time outdoors.

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