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Upcoming Events

    • 25 Jan 2022
    • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
    • Online - Zoom details will be sent in a reminder before the event

    This event is open to TPMA members and non-members. Non-members select the 'Online' option during registration. 

    TPMA Talk with Ravi Mehta: What is Your Current Shape? A PMs Guide to Grow Themselves and Their Team

    The best PMs — the peak product managers — don’t just ship features. They do whatever it takes to deliver valuable outcomes for their users, their team, and their company. In order to do this, PMs and their teams must excel at a diverse, mutually reinforcing set of skills. Most PMs, even peak PMs, excel at only a handful of these competencies. The difference between the average PM and the peak PM is an understanding of gaps and the ability to unite a team that fills those gaps. In this session, we're going to discuss how to think about growing your skills and uniting a team that complements each other to form a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

    Ravi is a consumer technology and product leader who has scaled products that have impacted millions of people and scaled teams to meet the challenge. He is currently an Executive-in-Residence at Reforge. Previously, he was Chief Product Officer at Tinder where he led the product strategy for the world’s #1 monetizing app. In that role, he defined a Gen Z-centric strategy for the next generation of Tinder.

    Prior to Tinder, Ravi was at Facebook where he led a team focused on understanding how teens use social media and increasing teen engagement with Facebook properties.

    Prior to Facebook, Ravi led Consumer Product for TripAdvisor where he led product for the company's primary business pillars (Hotels, Restaurants, and Attractions), led the core user experience teams,  and led the International Market Development & Localization teams.

    Earlier in his career, Ravi led product for Viximo (a social gaming startup acquired by Tapjoy), founded a VC-backed fintech startup, was one of the first members of the Xbox team where he helped define the content and platform strategy for Xbox Live, and founded a successful game company in high school.

    Ravi holds an MBA from MIT Sloan and a BS in Computer System Engineering from Boston University.

    This online event will begin at 6pm. Breakout rooms will be open for networking 5:45-6:00 and again from 7:00pm to 7:30pm.

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